TP LINK WR841N Wireless Router 300 Mbps

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Regular Price: BDT ৳ 1900

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Model: TL-WR841N

Brand: Tplink

Quick Overview

300Mbps wireless speed ideal for interruption sensitive applications like HD video streaming Two antennas greatly increase the wireless robustness and stability Easy wireless security encryption at a push of WPS button IP based bandwidth control allows administrators to determine how much bandwidth is allotted to each PC Compatible with IPv6 -the more recent Internet Protocol version TP-LINK Tether App allows quick installation and easy management using any mobile device



300Mbps Wireless N Router TL-WR841N is a combined wired/wireless network connection device designed specifically for small business and home office networking requirements. TL-WR841N’s exceptional and advanced wireless performance make it ideal for streaming HD video, making VoIP and online gaming. Also, WPS button on the sleek and fashionable exterior ensures WPA2 encryptions, preventing the network from outside intrusions. Wireless N Speed & Range Complying with the IEEE 802.11n standard, TL-WR841N can establish a wireless network and get up to 15X the speed and 5X the range of conventional 11g products. Also, with transmission rates up to 300Mbps. Better Wireless Performance It shows more excellent abilities of mitigating data loss over long distances and through obstacles in a small office or a large apartment, even in a steel-and-concrete building. Above all, you could easily pick up the wireless network during long-distance connection where legacy 11g products may not! Which also means, the router has the speed to work smoothly with almost any bandwidth intensive application including VoIP, HD streaming, or online gaming, without the lag.

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