Mobile Network Booster

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Booster mainly solves the problem spot problem in building. The coverage area is as large as 3000 square meters in open space, and 1000 square meters in partial obstacle area, 500 square meters in complete obstacle area. The edge power level for coverage area is above 85dBm. The repeater output power level is less than 20dBm. This Booster is a bi-directional amplifier that allows for the reception of signals, amplifies the signal and re-transmits into areas where there is no or very low signal level coverage enabling a mobile user to establish a call connection. Booster can be deployed in indoor coverage and dead area. It is especially advantageous to use in 100M2-1000M2,which is a very economical solution. The output power is up to 20dBm per carrier. Meanwhile, it can also boost the speed of GPRS. Packing list 1,Booster X1 2,Indoor penholder antenna X1 3,Outdoor stick antennaX1 4,20 meters cable X1 5,User manual X1 6,Power adapter X1



GSM 900MHZ 2G/3G Pico repeater is applied specifically in small area indoor DAS system. The base station signal is coupled and amplified by Pico repeater into in building system. The amplified signals is transmitted by indoor antenna. Meanwhile the indoor antenna receives the cell phone signal, and send the signal to the base station as uplink. This method can eliminate the signal dead spot, reject the interference, provide the stable signal communication for cell phone users.

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CDMA/GSM 800MHZ PCS1900MHZ GSM900 MHZ DCS1800 MHZ 3G2100MHZ UL824-849MHz DL869-894MHz UL1850-1910MHz DL1930-1990MHz UL890-915MHZ DL935-960MHZ UL1710-1785MHZ DL1805-1880MHZ UL1920-1980MHZ DL2110-2170MHZ Gain >65dB Automatic Gain Control( AGC) >30dBm Noise Figure >4dB Gain Flatness >5dB (p-p), Automatic Gain Control (1dB step) 30dB in step of 1dB (Auto) Maximum Output Power UL10-20dBm DL15-27dBm Input power range -55 dBm~-15 dBm Intermodulation Products 9KHz~1GHz -36dBm @ 3KHz 1GHz~12.75GHz -30dBm @ 3KHz Spurious Emission 9KHz~1GHz -36dBm @ 3KHz 1GHz~12.75GHz -30dBm @ 3KHz Group Delay UL 1μs AC POWER AC 95-250V Adapter output power DC5.0V Temperature range -25℃~+55℃ Relative humidity ≤80% RF interface SMA-F Power interface KLD-35-13 Weight ≤0.3kg Size 160×100×27mm

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